Why Online Marketing Should Be Mobile Friendly

Did you actually know that an average person touches their smartphone more than 2600 times in a day? This is according to statistics which were released by Dscout, a renowned research firm in Chicago. Based on these findings, it is becoming apparent that more people are accessing the internet via their phones. If you have a company or a brand, this means that you need to put more focus on marketing strategies that reach mobile phone users. Some of the many reasons why businesses and companies should have mobile-friendly websites and apps are as follows.

It Brings in More Traffic

If you want to improve traffic to your site, you should think about how to reach mobile users. People are always searching for items while sitting on a bus or enjoying a meal at their favourite hotel. Wherever your customers are, even now, they are using their phones to look for things they can read, watch or buy online. Take advantage of those many eyeballs and drive them to your site.

Increases the Number of Buyers

When you get more traffic specifically because your website is accessible to many people through mobile, the result will be an increased number of buyers. This will automatically translate to better profits, making you reach your goal. It is even better when you have an app for your business. Having an app increases the number of people who access your products.

Improves Brand Presence

People need to recognise and appreciate your brand, and that is why online marketing plays a big role in establishing a presence. When you can reach people on mobile, it means you are increasing the number who view you. They will be able to associate with your brand, the more they see it across different platforms.

It Gives Value to Your Customer

Most customers want to work with a company which shows them that they matter. If you create an app or make your site mobile-friendly, they will be convinced that you are thinking about them when making decisions. This makes them trust you more and become loyal to you.